LEASE TRANSFER [TX]: 2018 BMW 340i. $50,175 MSRP. 2 years/22.5k miles remaining. $491/mo (TX tax included)

Black/black luxury line.

Testing the waters. Wouldn’t mind driving it for a couple more years, however, this is my third 340i and I’m tossing around the idea of getting into something different.

The $491/mo includes Texas sales tax. As we all know, TX residents get taxed on sale price of vehicle as opposed to monthly usage. Not quite sure if/how that payment changes if transferred out of state (This deal is under 1% rule even with TX tax on full sale price rolled into payment).

Please email me at I’ll be happy to take some pictures if there is any serious interest.


Base model? Wow. Never seen a 340 base.

Doesn’t seem like the worst deal, especially with Texas nominal tax rate. GLWT!