Lease transfer - Ford bronco wildtrack - hard top - cactus grey - high lux package


Ford bronco wildtrack - cactus grey color - high lux package - hard top

2023 - ford bronco wildtrack - located in NYC

MSRP: 65k
Monthly payment $1,130

Current mileage: 5300
Maturity mileage: 31,500
Effective miles per month:
Maturity date: 31 months remaining

MSD due (if any): 0
Cash due (if any): $7,500 OBO
Incentive for new lessee (if any):

Financial institution: ford
Transfer fee:
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no):

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:

No accidents - like new


Just an FYI Ford might hold the original lessee liable.

Thanks for the info. I will request release first

You might just want to try and sell this out right. You’re going to have a vary hard time finding someone willing to hand over $7500 with a $1,130 lease payment for a 65k vehicle.


The color combo and package are very difficult to find- almost any dealer will still mark this up even if they’re selling wildtracks @ MSRP - they will also force you take add ons so this is a very solid deal for someone looking for this exact combo

Very far from a “very solid deal”. Some would say its a terrible value. Good luck.


Would you like to make an offer or just provide negative comments ?

Agreed with this. Values of these are going down msrp at most dealers lately. Additionally, these are projected to have resale values similar to wranglers so might be better to just sell it. 1130 a month for a V6 ford product isnt the most appealing deal to seasoned hackers.

Try swaplease. No one on LH will take this when brokers are advertising Wrangler 4XEs for 300s. I think that if someone really wants a Bronco, they would buy it, and not pay over $1000/mo to drive it for a couple of years.


Ouch… Yeahhhh I don’t see this happening here. Try swapalease as others suggested.

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Gooooood luck sir this ain’t happening on this website at those terms.

1400/month to ride on terrible cloth :fire::fire::fire:


And it seems to be a demo car? Or is there another explanation for ‘31500 miles’ at maturity.

Ford leases are 10,500 miles a year

Am I missing something? Paying $43k (65% of sticker) to drive for 31 months and walk away with nothing PLUS I only get 850/miles a month?

That is a PILE of money to drive that vehicle, and it doesn’t even have leather seats. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I see a lot of these horror stories even on Swap a lease. I always wonder what happens to them in the end. There could be a case for fractional leasing, where someone takes the hit because it’s only 18 months of payments and the payments compare favorably relative to a 24 months lease or the likes of Herzt/Sixt.

Some models have horrible residuals like 44%. I remember in 2019 I was trying to lease an Audi A4 and their residual was 44%, so even though the dealer offered $10k off on the car, the numbers weren’t competitive with a BMW.

If someone is set on a particular model or make, the odds are already against them, and you have to evaluate it differently. I know Broncos are hard to come by here in the west coast. The Wrangler is a different car.

Never understand people like the OP. This is a site for lease deals. All deals get scrutinized here and you’re going to get feedback wether you want it or not.

All these flippers are living in the past.

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You think they are going down in price any times soon. I noticed 2023 has some issues.