[Lease Transfer DFW/TX] -- (Pending) '19 530e $448/32 ($58.4K)

(Pending as of 8/30/2019)

2019 BMW 530e iPerformance

  • Current Miles: 4,100
  • Exterior Color: Mineral White
  • Interior Color: Cognac Dakota Leather

Trim, Options:

  • Sport Line
  • Convenience Package
  • 20" Individual, Michelin PS3
  • All Weather Floor Mats
  • LED Door Projector

Financials, Term:

  • MSRP: $58,380 (Adjusted from $62,780 for wheels)
  • Monthly Payment: $448
  • Drive-Off Amount: $3,650
    ($500 Transfer Fee payable to BMWFS, $3,150 MSD refundable at lease end)
  • Months: 32/36
  • Annual Mileage: 15,000
  • Miles Remaining: 41,000 (1,281/mo)
  • Region: North TX

Updated post with some pictures.

Cars are located in DFW Metro.

Week bump,
I can deliver within a day’s drive (~750mi) over a weekend upon completion of transfer.

Let’s make some room in the garage for my 440 MSport!

I actually kind of like that Mocha Dakota interior. Not generally a fan of brown but it looks nice. Pretty good deal on the 5 (even better if that’s tax inclusive). GLWT!

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Tax credits were used on the 5e so yes tax inclusive at least in Texas, Not entirely sure about other states but seeing as the credit was paid by FS i’d assume so. I’ll have a look at that specifically when tags come in for it.

I do currently have a possible taker for the 5. Will keep updated!

I agree, that mocha interior is fantastic!

Looking at the pictures closely, the cognac may be even better!

Both cars are great at a decent number. I’m always curious how the transfer works. Never done it before :slight_smile:

-530e pending transfer.
-X2 still up for grabs.

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A transfer is probably even easier than going to the dealership to get the car! BMW in particular is very adept at this, and usually gets everything done in less than two weeks.

New update:
-530e back up for grabs, deal fell through due to timeframe involved.
-X2 available with some interested parties.

Delivery available within a day’s drive upon completion of transfer and funds clearing.

-Both still available
-First service and fresh wiper blades on X2.

Will you budge on the msd’s at all?

I am interested and pleased with the mileage left on the X2. But I am wondering where did the $600 come from? New here, could be a wrong question.

Too bad my C300 lease doesn’t end until January or I would definitely take the 5 series off your hands!

Update: 5 went in for first service (time since built) X2, no news.

Going to put these on SAL and BPost as well.

I’m sure they’ll go quickly on SAL, especially considering some of the other cars on there. I would take the 5 if I could afford a second car payment! :slight_smile:


I may be competing with myself by not pushing a new deal but i’ll put some knowledge out there for TX residents who may be interested in these but on the fence…

5/7 Tax credits are done for the season in Texas.

  • The deal on the 5 cannot be replicated until those are available again. Lock it in by picking up this gorgeous gas saver.

Incentives on 2019 X2’s are nowhere near what they were on 2018’s for a virtually identical car (except Apple stays activated past year one)

  • Without significant dealer discount, this deal (X2) is also hard to beat for the miles included.


Both Available. Not many miles added since last update.

Can you list the options on the 530e?