Lease Transfer Chevy Volt LT 2018 (sold)

5+ month old (leased on 6/16/2018). 30 month left. Ask for $6,950 to take over this lease. Locate at San Jose, CA.

Pefect condition. Dark grey.

10k per year. ODO is 3833 miles now. 26,400 miles left.

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think you’d have to wait till the 6 month mark to transfer (not so far off though), just noting. I’d also note that you probably got the CVRP rebate and will therefore have to pay back 4/5 of it (“owned” for only 6 of the 30 months), which might impact what you are willing to transfer it for (assuming 1500, that means you would owe california $1200)

I would be interested in this. I am based in fremont. Please send me a private message and we can look into this


You may also want to put what options are on this car.

  1. As noted above, you’ll have to wait until 6 months in. It appears you did a one pay, so this may or may not apply.

  2. As it appears you did a one pay (6950 to take over), what was your original terms?

Does the lease transfer happen through dealer? How did you arrive at this price? I am in San Jose and interested. PM me

This is a very good price people, look at the current 19 model year price, it’s more than $100/month before tax.