Lease Transfer - BMW X5 xdrive40e iperformance $705/month, ZERO DOWN, 1300 miles per month left

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Lease Transfer - BMW X5 xdrive40e iperformance

Looking for someone to take over my lease. I leased this car in September '17 for my dad but he always drives his work car, so i ended up taking it over a few months ago after my leases ended. i don’t personally like driving an SUV so i am looking to pickup something different.

This is a 36 Month lease with 15k mileage allowance per year.

Monthly Payment: $705 including NY tax
Drive-Off Amount: $0
BMW Transfer fee: $499.00
Months Left: 24
Current Mileage: ~13,9XX
Miles remaining on lease: ~31,XXX
Miles per month remaining: ~1295

This is a very aggressive price for a high mileage X5 lease. Please feel free to ask any questions.

price is good!

Any one interested?
ill include bmw transfer fee of $500

Good to offer to cover the transfer fee but it will be hard to convince some folks to pay that much a month on what amounts to a very poorly equipped X5 with a plug in the side.

The mileage definitely helps but doesn’t do much for the payment side. I would throw maybe the transfer as well as one month in there to entice some folks and bring that payment below $700 a month.