[Lease transfer already] Lease Transfer - 2018 Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic $371.07 + tax - $48k MSRP (Seattle area, WA)

[Lease transfer already]

I have a great offer for a lease transfer. I’m commuting only 5mile to work and therefore no longer need a car for this purpose.

This car is in excellent condition - no scratches, no dents. I did first 1 year maintenance. The car is actually 4Matic, so great for Seattle rain, hills, occasional snow, etc…

MSRP: $48,xxx
Lease remaining time: 22 months
Monthly Payment: $371.07 + tax (10.3% seattle) = $409.29
Miles per year: 10,000
Remaining miles allowed: 23,029 mile (current under 7000 mile now) total allowed: 30,029 mile
Process: You’ll first do a credit application through Mercedes online (approval takes ~10 days). Then we can do the paper work. Transfer fee is $595.
I already down $3000
Email: hi.hello.eddy@hotmail.com

Lease transfer will be through Mercedes Benz Financial Services.


YEAR: 2018
MAKE: Mercedes-Benz

TRIM: C class
MILEAGE: 7,100
BODY: 4D Sedan
ENGINE: 4 Cylinder turbo 241hp
FUEL: Gasoline
MPG: 24 City / 33 Hwy

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Any incentives?

@Danman Hi, what incentives? I am not sure which incentives, and I already paid 3000 DAS.

This is pretty expensive, msrp is way lowered if you check some deslership, they offer some specials with 299 with 7500 miles per year.

What’s your point? That you are not interested 4 months after it was posted?

It’s a fair deal and he’s under mileage. It’s not like we are seeing MBs fly off the shelves right now like we did in years past.