Lease Transfer: $58,120 MSRP 2018 Q50 Red Sport for $451.39/month ($437 w/o road hazard), 10K, Houston, TX

I have my Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 up for lease swap on I was able to get the coveted Texas Tax credits.

2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport with Sensory and Proactive Packages
MSRP: $58,120 + Window tint, Nitrogen in tires, Data Dots anti theft + $15/month for road hazard (can be cancelled to reduce the payment to $445/month)
Monthly Payment: $459.96
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Incentive: $300
Months: 39 total, 34 months left
Annual Mileage: 10,000 / Year (900 miles per month)
Current Miles: 1500
MF: .0003
Residual: 56%
Location: Houston, TX
Transfer fee: $0

1 owner, non-smoker, no pets and no kids.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’d like to get an Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Thanks for looking.

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In case you are not aware, you aren’t removed from the lease if you transfer it. In the off chance that the transferor doesn’t pay his car note, Infiniti will come after you for it.


This 100000x. You become a cosigner. It will continue to report on your credit for the rest of those 34 months as an open auto.

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I would probably list current miles and also if you have any incentives you’ll throw in, i.e. fees, money incentives, etc.

Is the lessee responsible for transferring only Infiniti or all cars? I transferred a Benz and it does show on my credit report, but also shows assumed by another party.

Depends on the manufacturer. Audi is another company which keeps you on the lease. You can check those by either calling the Financial Services dept or by checking on swapalease

Not sure if is active lately but if so maybe he can advise if the policy with IFS has changed.

Infiniti Financial Services has not changed their policy, they keep the primary lessee liable as a secondary on the contract. @jon1 Nice touch on your main image with the stats!

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“I’m swapping the lease as I want to get an SUV so we can get a dog.” - Not sure how Guilia is going to help the situation.

Is this the dog in question?



I’m looking at a bunch of options, we may get 2 cars. I really just like swapping cars every few months. I wish there was a leasehackr subscription model.

Is this still available?

How would the tax on this work if I registered it in NJ?

You would most likely have to pay NJ tax (6.625% upfront of the remaining payments)

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Thanks, that makes sense.

The beauty of getting Leasehackr deals is that you could trade out of them as often as you like (assuming of course that the manufacturer plays ball).

Car is still available.

Does the balance/monthly continue to report so that it impacts your DTI in case of sourcing mortgages and other vehicle financing?

Can you pm me? I’m very interested and it would be an in-state transfer.

Yes that is my understanding

Which Infinity dealership did you purchase at?