LEASE TRANSFER $349.73 $0 down 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SEL Plugin / 22 mile range and 34 mpg Gas

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$349.73 /mo $1,000 Rebate
Leather Heated Seats, 22 miles electric, Back up camera and Sensors, Folding Mirrors, Power Lift Gate.

25 payments remaining. 25k miles remaining.

Lease transfer fee and must qualify with Ally bank. Email me at to start application.

$349 for a Mitsubishi? Sorry…I’d rather spend $349 on an Alfa Romeo, Infiniti, and the other dozen sweet rides you can have that are not a Mitsubishi.

And none of what you listed are plug-in hybrids.

What’s the deal? OP is pocketing the 2.5k State rebate and flipping the lease?

@vhooloo that’s a fair assumption I have not pocketed the rebate. Applied end of January.

I am happy to forward the rebate to the new Leasee once I am approved and receive it but not going to give it in advance! That’s why I didn’t offer it yet? State Ian currently accepting apps and has capped rebate for only 2000 plug insane plug in hybrids. See link below:

Couldn’t be more than $595 anywhere in USA to ship I would imagine.

You imagine wrong sir! Shipping a far distance will be more than $595 with a reputable shipper. Probably double that.

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Thank you for the update and to other forum members just trying to offer this deal seamlessly as possible I think I will narrow delivery down to near Texas than?

I’ve contacted the TCEQ for the status of my update they said it was approved and comptroller takes 3 weeks to issue checks. So I should have the check by April 11th. whose interested in this deal now?

where in Texas?

Irving, TX 75039 (DFW area)
4 Hours from Houston
3 hours from Austin

I would double check that you would not have to possibly forfeit the Texas rebate if you’re transferring out of the lease. A cursory look at the terms of the Texas program shows that you’re required to keep the car for 12 months, otherwise they can take the rebate back. I know CA has a similar provision.

12/24 will be 12 months officially. I am ready to transfer now.