LEASE TRANSFER: 2021 BMW M440i xDrive -$764/mo+tax+$4400 DAS, ~12K miles/yr (EXTRAS: M4 825M Style Wheels + Carbon Fibr)

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW M440i xDrive
Location: North/Central NJ - 07059 Zip Code

Monthly payment (pre-tax):$764

Current mileage: 18402
Maturity mileage: 42,000
Effective miles per month: 980
Maturity date: 10/24

MSD due (if any): No MSDs
Cash due: $4400

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee:$500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

BMW 4 Series Coupe Launch Color - Arctic Race Blue Metallic. Heavily Optioned - Over $71K MSRP today for a 2023 M440i xDrive. Color of the car is unbelievable in the sun. Has extended Black Leather with Blue Stitching (see pics - the stitching matches the exterior).

Window Sticker attached (options below):

Arctic Race Blue Metallic Paint
Extended Black Leather w/ blue stitching
Shadowline Package
Executive Package (Laser Headlights, Gesture Control, Heated everything, Ambient Lighting, HUD, Live Cockpit Pro (includes NAV)
BMW Remote Start
19" M Wheel 791M w/ all-season rft
Adaptive M Suspension
Power Tailgate
Wireless Charging
Wheel Locks

Car is a very high MSRP and highly optioned. This price is not achievable in today’s market.

Have done multiple BMW transfers, it takes about 3 weeks if you move quickly. MUST have great credit and income, 720+ credit score.

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These things are a blast to drive! GLWT

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Maturity 10/25?

Typo, 10/24. I fixed. TY for pointing it out

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I am really looking to sell as is, if you don’t want the M4/M3 wheels, sell them with tire for $2500 quickly - on bimmerpost forums and then its like putting down only $2200 (basically less than inception fees) for a payment on a car that is not achievable in today’s market. Everything on swapalease/leasetrader is $1000+ with several thousand down, and if you run a calculator even from brokers, it doesn’t touch this price.

Dropped cash back to $4400. Also major miscalculation. You can average 980 miles per month so basically a 12k mile/year lease.

She is also on Swapalease!!!

Most people, myself included don’t want to deal with that hassle. Most likely won’t find a buyer locally shipping these is ridiculous. The car is gorgeous and it’s not a bad deal I just think you are majorly downplaying how much this will affect peoples interest. If it is really so easy to do why don’t you sell the wheels on your own and then this will most likely go fast. Based on your replies regarding peoples messages to you I don’t think I am alone in this. Just my two cents of unsolicited advice.


Absolutely true

Let us take a shot at buying it out.

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This is under assumption. Other party was approved by BMWFS. Will update if need be here.

SAL got it assumed in about a week with the deal as it stands in my OP.

Contact mods if you need to re-open.