{LEASE TRANSFER} 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road-Manual/Premium/Tech $188/Month+Tax! $39K MSRP! MSDs/Transfer ($2000)

Thank you!

If you could somehow get this car to AZ/CA gratis I’d take it tomorrow.

Anything but CA should work :slightly_smiling_face:


Loophole! On a transfer these can go anywhere :slight_smile:

I’m hoping some very lucky west coaster takes the TRD Pro 4Runner I have come July 21. That’s a fiery deal where someone can make money even after shipping.


Whats the details on the TRD Pro 4Runner?

Thank you,


You bet

Available 7/21


Thank you! Beautiful rig.


I’d knock $500 off the upfront ask to lock something in now for July 21 (when the transfer paperwork can begin) ***This is one the 4Runner

I’d be interested if we can get it shipped to Texas! Or if you could broker a similar deal for me in Texas. PM me with your number, I’d love to chat, just sold my 2018 Raptor and need something ASAP!!!

I can broker one up north and you could arrange shipping to Texas!

Sure let’s do it, would that be for this one or a similar one?

I see you only joined 22 mins ago which gives me a little pause. Ill shoot you a pm!

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Just did thanks!

3393640356 thx!

Adjusted and now it is just MSDs and transfer fee.

Smoking deal!!


Opened per @Bostoncarconcierge’s request

Hey all!

Last time as I’m going to pickup a Tundra.

No incentives just passing on a ridiculous deal I got from a wonderful dealer.

1800 in MSDs and 200 transfer fee.

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Still available…sent you a message?