[Lease transfer] 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4x4 - White ($268.85 a month) - Free shipping + Free transfer

Vehicle located in Idaho. Looking for a quick sale, get it done within the next week. Eager to get this deal done, even if I pay for the transfer fee + shipping!

Monthly Payment: $268.85 including tax
Months Left: 20
Current Mileage: 2850
Original Contract Total Miles 20,000
Miles Allowed at Turn In 20,000
Term Length 24 Months
Contract Start Date: Jun 9, 2018
Contract End Date: Jun 8, 2020
Transfer Fee $595 - Ally Bank

MSRP: $30,420

You might want to post the window sticker so people know the MSRP options etc. Also post some real pictures. Anyone can Google a white compass

Thanks, added. It’s a cherokee by the way.

By the way- Ally has no disposition.

Ah. i meant to say the transfer fee. let me fix that.

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So you’ll pay to ship it to someone else but not to yourself when you move?

Depends how far it is. It’s all up to negotiation.
I have a car back home, so don’t need a second car.