Lease Transfer 2019 BMW X5 5.0 94k MSRP $1199 NY/NJ

2019 2019 BMW X5 5.0 94k MSRP $1199

Car is 3 months old, 4500 miles.

36/Months 10k miles a year.

Located in NJ/NYC Area.

Let me know if you have any questions.

you’d have better luck at


thanks, its on there too.

Beautiful car, but way too expensive.

Out of curiosity why are you transferring a 3 month old car?

Judging by miles already on it (unless this was a loaner) I’d say they just bought too few miles and may be looking for a fresh start.

This is going to be a hard sell here but I’m sure with the right incentive someone would take it on SAL.

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Same. Beautiful 94k X5 ask: why u no love me no more? :cold_sweat::oncoming_automobile:


Best of luck it’s a gorgeous car but on the swap you’ve used nearly 50% of the miles in year 1 in only 3 months, you may move it faster by offering an incentive to cover that loss.

Or at least prebuy some miles but I suspect more folks will prefer the cash incentive: Not to play with your money but I’d offer 2 first payments as incentive to get it done.

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Thanks for the advice guys! I’ll take it in to consideration. But I’ll keep it this way for now.

Don’t want to burst your bubble but I was a leasing an X5M for $1,174 a month including 8% tax…

You’re going to have to drop that probably to $999 for people to even consider it. I think it’ll move at $950 for sure.

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Your car was a 2018 x5m…

when 2019s came out I could of gotten the x5m for 950 a month. Apples and oranges my friend.