Lease Transfer - 2019 BMW i8 MSRP $160,795, $693/mo+tax, $4400 down + $5600 MSD, 24/7.5k, 20mo left, AZ

Got this 3 months ago but already bored of the car. The car is fully loaded with Tera World, Laserlight, Aerodynamic kit and in fantastic condition. The color combination should be the only one allowed for this car. :smiley: Mileage overage is $0.25/mi prepaid up to 6 months before lease end, $0.30/mi penalty. I am asking $4400 down and $5600 in MSD which will be returned to the new lessee at lease end.

Lease through BMW Financial
Lease ends April 25th, 2021
24 months lease, 20 months remaining
7500 miles per year
Current mileage 5600
Mileage allowed at lease end 15019
Monthly payment $692.98 pre-tax
Down payment $10000 ($5600 returned at lease end)


That’s gonna be a tough one to get rid of on here!

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Why is that? The deal seems okay to me

Because you’ve already used up 25% of the miles in 2 months and the effective payment ($1,100+) is notably higher than advertised deals on here from brokers and that is not taking into consideration the mileage penalty.


It’s gonna be a tough one when you can get a similar car for less money brand new.

For the net ~9,400 “down payment” you’re asking for, I could lease a new one with all 15k miles available for lower monthly pmt.


The mileage penalty is $0.25 a mile. If it is that much of a problem I’d be happy to pay the new lessee back $612.50 for them to cancel out the higher than allocated use in miles.
You talk of the effective payment being $1100+ as if the previous lessee is on the hook for eating all drive off costs. I doubt anyone would be interested in doing that unless there is only a few months left on the lease or they are in desperate need of getting rid of the car.
There was another i8 for private transfer for over 1200 a month yet that isn’t an issue…and that was when incentives were available. Now my “effective” 1100+ a month is a bad deal when incentives for coupes have ended, brokers usually have MSRP 148-150k deals which won’t have ceramic controls or laserlight, and roadster incentives are ending this month?

Could you please show me a link to the deal you have for this new one you are talking about?

You make a fair point with similar cars. I’d be curious to see what a broker can offer for the same spec coupe. Whoever is interested would have to particularly want the options, otherwise I don’t think I can reduce the down payment enough to where it’s feasible for someone to pick mine over a base model.

Nothing wrong with trying but use the search button on here and see how far behind your deal is. There are a lot of these been flowing through this site very little down and way less payment. I was @ a local BMW dealership 10 days ago when they offered to put me in a coupe with $150K+ MSRP for $999 with zero DAS with no negotiation. I declined very easily!

I appreciate the help. There has been better deals in the previous months and lower MSRP. I just don’t think my car is far off of brokers’ deals even considering the upfront costs of mine at 91.7% of original (22 months left). It is more expensive, but you’re also getting the fully loaded version which is at least retail 6000 more than the broker deals I am seeing available.

BORED??? Why, what would be better???

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It’s actually a fantastic car and really an awesome daily for someone who doesn’t care about power. I want to get out of it and hop into a TTRS.

Sweet, I would kill to afford an i8! Good luck with the swap!!! Though that TT, man…

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I was offered $1200/month on a Roadster without negotiation. Dealers are oddly motivated to move them. (Apparently there’s a lot of trunk cash on the i8.)

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If I put $10,000 down and did msds on a new in stock i8 coupe with the top packages (including the turbo cord and ridiculous phone charging cables), there is no way I’m paying as much as you’re paying per month. And my total out of pocket including DAS would be less than your $15,000 ask for 22 months on reduced miles. I’d try SAL for better luck.

I’m pretty sure nobody can compare to your i8 deal, but I’m under the impression that the incentives are gone for June and only available for the roadster for another few days. The deal is more like 7000 down considering partial DAS fees and cap cost reduction tax. What would be a fair amount, in your opinion, to ask considering the current incentives?

I think it was suggested above to wait until July to see the lay of the land. I think a net payment of a touch below $950 may be achievable in due time. All it takes is one. And you’re in AZ, which makes that figure more realizable than if you were on the East Coast. With that said, do you drive in sport mode? I average 45 mpg on a 35-mile commute each way. But when I’ve got the need for speed, sport mode makes the car a beast. I am a big fan of these cars and BMW really did well with them. They just mispriced them by about $40,000.

That’s what I figured, about 950-1050/mo pre-tax with 1st mo+fees DAS and max MSDs assuming lessee is eligible for loyalty. This is by extrapolating broker deals I saw for this month with lesser MSRP coupes. That’s why with my down payment it’s about actually effectively 1010 a month (not perfect math at all). I am pretty jealous of your deal though. The closest I got was a copper coupe in SoCal. Finance Director wanted to net out the car but with a 30 basis point markup. For some reason the man kept miscalculating the taxes and can’t seem to fix the dealer disclosure…I told him I can lock in the deal sheet with the jacked up taxes and that’s when the communications stopped… :man_facepalming:

I always press eco pro + eDrive to battery only. When hopping on freeway, press eDrive to get it back into auto eDrive mode. My overall average right now is 44.0mpg. My last car was well over 1000hp so this car really felt anemic and disappointing speed wise. Everything else about the car I am extremely impressed with BMW even though the car is in need of an update.

Try sport+manual mode and shift quickly say starting from 2nd gear while going near wide open throttle, shifting under 4500 rpm while slowly giving it more throttle with the windows up. You get to hear not as much fake engine noise but the turbo and battery ramp up and it’s pretty goofy.

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What you just described is the Achilles heel for this car. To me, the performance is great for a daily. But for as much as it is a technical marvel (the engine is tiny!), there is something to be said about processed engine noise that reminds you that it isn’t a halo car.

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