Lease transfer 2019 440i GC M-Sport $416 24/12k 2.5k down

Lease transfer
2019 BMW 440i GC M-Sport
White/ Black
Monthly $416
Downpayment 2.5k
23 months remaining
12k a year.
MSRP 57k

PM me for more details

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This is going to be tough to unload here, brokers are in the same ballpark without the 4k upfront only spread out over 24 months. Probably have better luck on swap a lease.


Does the 4K cover any MSDs by chance? If so, it may not be terrible. If not, that’s an effective 600/mo payment and you most likely won’t get traction here.

Also, I see you’re in GA. This isn’t an owner’s choice contract by chance, is it? If it is, it can’t be transferred.

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I was wondering the same thing.

No MSD’s on this deal. I would accept 4k which would calculate to about $566 per month. About 1% of MSRP of 57k. This is also posted on Swapalease in case anyone is interested. Thanks

How are you getting 566/mo? 4000/23 = 174 + 416 = 590.

You can’t base your calc on the original lease term, as the 4K is covering the remaining 23 months, not the original term.

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Also, depending on location, taxes can easily take this north of $600.

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Yeah, good point…is that current monthly inclusive of tax?

This is including tax in GA.

What’s pre-tax payment, as it may look more attractive to someone that doesn’t live in GA and/or so they can see what their state tax calc is. Unless you’re set on someone in GA taking it over…then it doesn’t matter

Taxes in GA are 7% of the lease payment. Whoever assumes the lease would need to pay tax in their state. If the person is in GA this would be their payment and they would not need to pay any additional tax. It’s not like Florida where there is a pre-tax payment. Hope this makes sense.

Downpayment reduced to 2k for quick sale.

Might want to try swaplease if you haven’t already. Seeing $416 or less for 440i with a good amount of equipment with Zero down (not 2K). Both new and loaners with full warranties including maintenance.

Might want to add more pictures, window sticker, MSRP, etc.

Also, id think hard about that $2000 because youre at $502 a month on that payment.

Here are some more pictures and window sticker

Is it the big first aid kit or little one that comes with it? How many cotton swabs have been used so far out of it?


Did you just get this and already trying to get out of it?

Yes I don’t keep cars very long. On to the next one.

Still available. Great looking car

1000 down and I’ll take the vehicle off your hands. Will fly out from Chicago to pick up the car. Pm me if you to negotiate.

Sorry I have better offers on the table.