[LEASE TRANSFER] 2018 Edition 1 E400 Coupe - $795 / mo + Tax, Also Offering Cash Incentive

This posting is for a takeover of a 2018 Edition 1 E400 Coupe. The car is an Edition 1, so that’s a fully loaded package with matte white factory paint and special interior leather package. Some further details:

Monthly Payment: $871 (include tax & protection package for damage up to $10k)
Cash Incentive: $1,000
Effective Monthly Payment After Incentive: $818
Remaining Months: 19
Current Miles: 7,600
Remaining Miles: 14,900
MSD: $7.2K
Original MSRP: $82,115
Location: Los Angeles

Some pics below:



Beautiful car.

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Thank you!

Can you provide the original MSRP of the car? Also, assume you want to be paid back your MSD, yes?

Beautiful car.

Thank you, @28firefighter. The MSRP on this car is $82,115. Yes on the MSD.

Very nice MB love the combo

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