[Lease Transfer] 2018 Charger Daytona 392 $46k MSRP $433. NJ

image 2018 Dodge Charger 392 Daytona transfer. Car is Destroyer Grey. Leased through Ally with monthly payment of 433$ 22 Months left. Car sits at 9200 miles but has 12k per year contracted (4500 below miles this year). PM for details. Thank you.

433 with or without taxes

With taxes included.

And the Buy out

28,696.70 Buyout after 36 payments of 443.78. Lease end date 3/7/2021. 24 Payments left

Options? MSRP?

such a sweet ride. And great color. Too bad my wife would never let me swap out so soon yet again. Already on my 3rd vehicle in 6 mos. :frowning:

1 week of sleeping on the couch isn’t so bad.


hahaha bought a camaro without telling my wife. BIG mistake


What city are you in?

Toms River

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Doesn’t seem like a bad deal for a zippy muscle car! I"m not seeing the red calipers anywhere, though

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Sorry those are stock photos until I can get some of my own up. The red calipers are there.

Live action


Updated for pre pax payment listed.

Two close calls but both pulled out. Still there.

Man, I wish these things came in manuals, I’d be all over this. Best of luck; someone has to snatch this up.

SWAP PENDING. If it falls through will repost

PM to reopen if it falls through.