[LEASE TRANSFER] 2018 Cadillac CTS 3.6 - $300/month + tax + $500 DAS + $595 transfer fee - California

I would like to transfer my 2018 Cadillac cts 3.6
Monthly payment ; 330.93$ including tax
MSRP; 56415$
Maturity date; 11/16/2021
Lease miles ; 32500 ( currently 6900 miles)
All the maintanence is included. I bought an excess wear&tear package that includes up to 7500$ in damages.
I would like 500$ excluding the transfer fee.
The transfer fee is 595$
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Update your title with the DAS amount you are asking for.

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Did you put money down in the beginning?

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Coming from a Cadillac store, I’d say quite a bit. It doesn’t lease exceptionally well. Interested to know as well.

Don’t see Cadillac deals too often. This looks pretty great. CTS is supposed to handle very well for a car of its size.

Nice looking Cadillac, your photos make me dizzy though lol


Exactly. If no money down, I was going to tell OP he had a unicorn CT6. Otherwise, with money down, it becomes more and more meh.

I put 2500$ in the beginning

Great deal. Super crooked and oddly angled pics make me nauseous.


The angles help the overall effect as you turn your head and say, “dayuumm”

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You did good on a ct6 then.

It is a cts

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yeah, I know…was too early in the AM when I typed that.

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It’s definitely a solid deal on a CTS. I don’t know why more people aren’t trying to hack Cadillacs. They have mediocre residuals but attractive MF and crazy dealer discounts / manufacturer incentives.

Hacked a xt5 loaner for my wife back in Aug. 300/mo no down, 48k xt5 base. It can be done…if you find someone willing to play ball.


I wish I knew about this forum when I was internet director at my old Cadillac store. :confused:

Bump still available DAS lowered to 1.5k

Bump das lowered to 1200

bump still available

Is it still available?
Where in California are you?