Lease transfer; 2018 Buick Enclave

We are moving out of Country and have a lease to transfer. The car is a 2018 buick enclave avenir with only 6,000 miles. Original MSRP is $44,639.

Option 1: This is a 36 month lease that ends 10/5/21. 10,000 miles/yr. You can assume the lease for $387.43/month. We have already paid $2,000 upfront to reduce the monthly payments. The only thing upfront you will be paying is the $500 lease transfer fee.

Option 2: You can buy out the car now for $35,000

Please call me at 332-999-6130 for any questions.

Please let me know if you are interested. Car can also be delievered around Newyork city/NJ area.

FYI, GM leases cannot transfer across state lines, so the new lessee must also reside in Ohio. GM Financial lease transfer information

Is “Option 2” your current payoff? If so, you may have positive equity and can just trade it into a dealer/carvana/vroom; this is what KBB shows for excellent condition:


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Yes. thanks Chris!

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Check out vroom/carmax/carvana/local dealers then, let us know if you wind up with a check instead :slight_smile: