[Lease Transfer] 2018 BMW 330e $56.5k MSRP Almost Fully Loaded - $317+tax/mo + $2,800 MSD


Hi, got this car not too long ago. My wife would like to get something bigger.
It was leased new. And it is in excellent condition. Still smells new.
Exterior: White
Interior: Cognac Brown
“Almost” Fully Loaded
MSRP: $56,535
Lease terms: 24/10 (Ends May 29, 2021).
Current odometer reading: 2,400 miles (I plan on using this car more while my wife’s out but it will be well under mileage)
Monthly Payment: $347 incl 9.5% LA Tax = $317 + tax
MSD (Multiple Security Deposits): $2,800 paid to me in cashier’s check or money order once transfer is complete and I hand over the keys. The MSDs are returned to you at lease end if there’s no late payments and excess wear and tear, etc.
Buyer pays for the transfer fee.

how can you claim fully loaded without executive package :man_facepalming:.

Everything else :+1:

mmk “almost fully loaded” with some options from exec pkg.

Happy? :slight_smile:

Edit: That smile without it seemed vicious

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:joy::joy::joy: I’m just messing with you man, it’s all semantics. One gets tired of seeing fully loaded on every thread tbh. Good luck with the transfer.

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Great deal. This should go very quick.

I am very interested in this - how can we connect?


PM him and start the process, application fee, then bmw fs decides whether you are approved or not at which point you pay transfer fee upon approval and then you send over what ever due at signing he is requesting once approved, then you schedule pickup/shipping.