Lease Transfer 2017 Mercedes Benz C300 Convertible. 14 Months remaining (1285 miles/ month). $450 (inc OC Tax). $5000 MSD

Looking for someone to take up my MB C300 convertible lease. It is only $450 a month in OC with tax. ( $417 without tax).

Lease End Date: May 1st, 2020
Msrp: $54195
Residual: $31998
Premium package 1
Burmester surround sound system

MSD: $5000
ODO: 17800
Color Grey.
Interior : crystal grey
Black aluminum trim
Collision prevention assist plus

It still has more than 18000 miles left, so good for anyone who drives a lot. It is very clean condition without any defects. Also i purchased the service plan, which would be transferred to you. So no maintenance costs till lease end.

You would need to pay me $5000 that i have as a security deposit with MBFS, and will be refunded to you at lease end. Also you would need to take care of all the transfer fees.

I will update the photos over the weekend.

I love this car, but planing to get Tesla Model 3, so need to part ways with it. Let me know if anyone is interested in LA/OC/SD area.

Bump! Had someone who backed out. So it is still available if interested.

Love it, wish if it was in bay area :expressionless:

One way ticket down and drive it up! I always get my cars from SoCal… it’s worth it!

Hi dakshr,

Is this still available? Very interested. LA resident here.


I shipped a Mini JCW Country Man from San Diego to San Francisco for $250. That was covered. For $499 they would have done it in one day. So from NORCAL to SOCAL shouldn’t cost too much depending if you wanted it in an open flatbed or closed.

Hi DrZambesi,

I am sorry, but i already sold it to vroom.