Lease Transfer: 2017 MB C43 - 12k/year - $551 - Ends April 2020

It’s a 2017 C43, white exterior, standard black seats, burmester sound, navigation, “P3 Package”

12,000 miles a year, slightly under this amount used (Current mileage as of June 15 is 25,872 miles)

$551 a month - including tax, prepaid maintenance, and excess wear and tear (you will get the MSD’s back)

The only modification is the windows are tinted.

I just ask for MSD’s (10 MSD for a total of $6500) and Transfer Fees ($695) to be paid for and you can have a hell of a lot of fun with one of the smallest lease payments on this car that I have seen!

The VIN is 55SWF6EB5HU220381 if it helps

The car is in Irvine, CA.


Could we get some stickers, pictures, etc?

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^This will help. That being said, really not a bad payment considering you have excess wear & tear rolled in there as well as a decent amount of mileage left.

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Added a photo I had in my phone, I will get more taken! What are stickers, window sticker? I posted up the VIN if that helps :slight_smile:

Pretty good payment if it’s actually a p3

You should specify the total MSDs

Excellent deal

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Found a picture of the window sticker on my phone, just uploaded it

It’s 10 MSD’s, calculated on the pre-MSD payment, rounded to the closest $50 would make it $6500 in MSDs. You’ll get them back with the wear and tear addon, main reason i did it :slight_smile:

Thanks! Its fun to drive, but trying to buy a house and every dollars counts :slight_smile:

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Added more pictures and updated the current mileage.

IMO, this is a very solid deal on this particular model car✔️

Thanks man, had a few interested, but nothing solid yet :slight_smile:

Great deal. Post it in swapalease it will go quick.

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I’m interested but am out in WI…solid stuff!

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Did you transfer this YET?

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no, not yet, something in the pipeline though :slight_smile:

hey that’s me :wink:

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