<Lease Transfer> 2017 BMW X5 50i M Sport $750/mo 15 months - Connecticut


Low payment on BMW X5 50i in fantastic condition. $78.35K MSRP. NY sales tax have been paid upfront (no tax on payment in NY and CT). Mint inside and out.

Details below.

Swapalease link:

Nice car! I just started looking at x5s last night. As my gls seller went with a higher bid after he sent back our paperwork to mbfs and I waited for 3 weeks and he never told me. I wish this would work for us but we need a lot more miles. Good luck should go quickly.

Thanks. Too bad your guy turned out to be such a scumbag! My wife has 2017 GLS until Sep 2021 but payment is not great and miles are similar.

I wouldn’t have minded if he had told me he was going with someone else but totally strung me along saying he was overnighting me paperwork as soon as it came back from mbfs. Being it was my first swap i thought the delay was normal but swapalease rep said they delay is after the paperwork comes back. Now I know.
Anyway sorry for the rant good luck with the car it is beautiful!

Wait you can get an X6 for this price, no?

Not with a V8 engine. Try +$100/mo


This over x6
Nice car


X6 also comes with 50i M Sport option - not at 550, I agree …

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Good price on a nice build…

Just FYI - NY taxes are lost if the vehicle is transferred out of state in most cases but better than if you rolled them into the payment. Effective payment is $800/month in NJ for example. Still a decent deal.

Wowsa - now that is X7 territory my friend!!!

Or almost three 330e loaners! :grimacing:

OP should considering picking up the transfer fee since between that and the deposition fee it’s adding another $65/month to the payment for only 14 months.

Why are you getting rid of it?


Re: taxes - incorrect (maybe NJ, I am not sure)

This was a lease transfer from NY to CT and no tax was added

Re: Three 330 loaners - you can always go for it, tie them up and use it as a train, but for those who need an X5 in mint condition with high horsepower this is a fantastic price, especially NY and CT residents who would not pay ANY sales tax on the $750

Dmitry (thats my name too btw)

Getting rid of it because my commute changed from “5 min to office” to “train to NYC” and this would be too nice for a station car.

Машина как новая, внутри и снаружи

Vhooloo - I dont get your agenda, just to troll?

WTF does X6 have to do with my car? It’s a short 15 month lease transfer, zero down.


I apologize for bringing up the X6 in this wonderful X5 post …

10 posts with “X6” in the text in the last 24 hours. 20 in the last 72h. We get it haha :slight_smile:


In CT, the original owner/lessee is exempt from sales tax if they prove it was paid in another state. I wouldn’t be so sure that the new leesee wouldn’t get banged when they go register the car in CT because they aren’t exempt. Also, wouldn’t shock me if NY tries to charge a new lessee sales tax again since the car left and came back and the car is being retitled. Probably better off letting someone figure out the sales tax situation on their own.

The 330e comment was a joke and directed at @vhooloo. I wouldn’t call this a “fantastic” deal btw… here is an almost $20K higher X5 50i for $799/month plus fees that no one has jumped on… pretty common here to get ‘18s under the 1% rule. Swapalease typically allows you to command a premium so you may have better luck there.

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First, I have two interested parties going through credit check (both agreed to pay the transfer fee), so whatever you say is very much irrelevant.

Second, the X5 you mentioned has almost $5000 drive off vs my $500 transfer fee - you feel that’s comparable?

Lastly, I assumed the lease from someone else who got in in NY - and guess what - CT did not charge me any extra tax, and I checked with NY - no more tax on next lessor.


Well played!!!