[Lease Transfer] - 2017 BMW 330i xDrive NYC/Westchester 20 months 1.1k/month - $314/mo


2017 BMW 330i xDrive lease for transfer. Car is accident-free, never smoked in, and in great condition. 20 months left with approximately 1,100 miles per month available.

Currently Monthly Payment: $314 including tax.
MSRP: $49,945
Lease End Date: Jan 19, 2021

Jet Black exterior with Saddle Brown Dakota leather interior.


Premium Package (comfort access, moonroof, lumbar support)
Driving Assistance Package (parking sensors and rear view camera)
Cold Weather Package (Heated front and rear seats, steering wheel)
Sport Line (sport seats, sport steering wheel, 18” wheels)
Led Headlights
Wheel Locks

Subject to BMW credit check ($100 +$400 in transfer fees paid directly to BMW)


I like the color combo and decent price… $314/month includes tax? Also, people would be interested to know the MSRP and put the specific lease end date in case the ad is up for a couple of weeks.

NY unfortunately is annoying with sales tax since it’s paid upfront and not refunded if the car is moved out of state including during a transfer, Apparently some states will give you a credit if you can prove out-of-state tax was already paid (CT maybe?) but definitely not the norm.

Good luck! Nice car.

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Thanks for the recomendation (I’ve added the msrp and contract end-date) I re-read the sales contract and made some corrections to the postings.

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Why are you getting rid of it?

Have no need for two vehicles.

Interested, please PM me about location (& any hidden cost?). Thanks!

Hi jsyoon. Just PM’s you.

Transfer Pending. Will update if the deal falls apart.