Lease Transfer 2016 Infiniti QX60 AWD $52,010 MSRP $390/mo + tax + MSD $4,500

What @chrisgo said. It was 9 @ $500. Payment would have been $472 + tax without MSD.

OP, how much did you pay swapalease? Just curious and wondering if I should use that also.

I believe you have to use their listing tool and it will give you the fee at the end

I picked the $200 pricing plan and paid $150 after that March Madness discount code. I’ve had several inquiries on my listing.

This is still available.

Last guy couldn’t get approved so this is still available.

Brokers are advertising new ones without $4500 in MSD here for similar payments.

Lexus allows 9 and I think Benz up to 13 in the past

I’ve seen FWD base or premium for that payment, but not AWD with premium plus and drivers assistance.

With MSD you can get that payment easily, why would someone get a used one when they can get a new one.

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That is exactly my point.

Only points I see in favor of @Ampersand is if someone don’t want to lock in 39 months, this one is for 28 months remaining. Also no dealer hassle to deal with, just the lease transfer process.

There’s actually 25 payments left and I’m subsidizing one month’s payment plus pre-paid DMV for a year so the effective monthly is more like $377+tax.

We currently have a lease on a FWD 2015 QX60 and were just considering getting something with AWD. Have you driven this in snow? How does it handle?

The suspension was refined for the 2016 model year and it drives much better than the 2014 that we had. I haven’t had the chance to do extended drives on snow, but it was fine for the one trip where we had encountered some.

FWD is fine in snow. I live in the Snow Belt of Norhern Michigan and my wife from SoCal does fine in a FWD SUV. I drive a RWD sedan and do fine.

@Ampersand hey! how did swapalease work for you? thinking about posting my 2015 q50 on there. also from los angeles. did you get any good leads from swapalease? was it worth the $250 posting fee?

I got my buyer through them, so it worked out for me. I signed up with a March Madness discount that I had found here and ended up paying $150 for a $200 plan. They actually offered tiers of service starting at $100 IIRC.

I suggest setting up a login through them first. You would then be contacted by a sales rep to buy a plan. It feels like something you can negotiate, so try naming your own price.

I got an upgraded plan that offered banner coverage for a couple of weeks and extra pictures. But in retrospect the basic would have been fine since my lease payment was low enough. I got a lot of interest through them vs posting on Craigslist.

Congrats on transferring your lease. Can you share why you got out of your Qx60. Would you recommend the QX to your friends?

I returned an Infiniti Q40 and wanted to 1) use the loyalty cash and 2) take advantage of wear & tear forgiveness for that car by signing a new lease, and 3) get the newer 2017 for a lower payment. My wife loves the QX60.

Some folks here rave about the Kia Sorrento SXL, CX-9 etc because they’re newer redesigns, but I haven’t driven them. The QX60 has a comfortable 3rd row (easily accessible even with our child seats), powerful engine, super reliable and low maintenance. For that the leases are less than the Honda Pilot, MDX, maybe even CX-9 etc. Infiniti’s also include emergency roadside assistance which came in handy when I had a nail in my tire once.