Lease Transfer 2016 Infiniti QX60 AWD $52,010 MSRP $390/mo + tax + MSD $4,500

I am looking for someone to take over my lease on a 2016 Infiniti QX60 AWD in Hagane Blue with a Black interior. The original MSRP was $52,010 and it has the Premium, Premium Plus, Driver’s Assistance, and Splash Guards options. This is in Los Angeles.

There are 28 payments remaining at $402.32 plus tax (maturity date is 8/15/19). Buyer will pay the transfer fee to Infiniti Financial Services and will also need to pay me the security deposit of $4,500, which will be fully refundable upon lease end.

The lease was for 10K miles per year, and there is currently about 800 miles/month of use remaining on the car. Current miles are about 9,800.

I have read good things about Swapalease on here so I may go that route. But I figure that I would make this offer on this awesome LH forum first to anyone who may be interested.

I will try to post pictures as soon as possible. The car is in excellent shape no zero defects.

Here is a picture of the vehicle.

Does it come with some spring rolls from Brodards? J/k. Good luck with the transfer. Good monthly payment. :+1:

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I would gladly treat the lease transferee to some spring rolls from Brodard!

Can’t get anything past this group :slight_smile: – good luck with your transfer

I’ve posted more pictures of the car here:

I’ve added additional incentives to bring the monthly down to $390.

Might someone in or around Los Angeles be interested?

good monthly but can you educate me about the MSD on infiniti? 4500 is almost 10 payments here.thats the highest MSD ive ever seen. BMW/Audi only allow 7 i think

1 MSD is based on your monthly payment (rounded up to $50, sometimes nearest $25). Each MSD brings down your interest rate by a couple of points. You want to put max MSD to lower your interest rate to the max. On the Infiniti Q50 (not QX60), the MF is 0.00006 so if you put 1 or 2 MSDs, you are basically at 0% so there is no point doing that. For higher MFs, you want to max it out, specially on higher payments as it gives you one of the highest guaranteed rate of return on your money.

For most leasehackrs, I would bet that most would be willing to put as many MSDs are possible to bring the MF to zero. Certainly more than 10 but the max is what the bank allows.

What @chrisgo said. It was 9 @ $500. Payment would have been $472 + tax without MSD.

OP, how much did you pay swapalease? Just curious and wondering if I should use that also.

I believe you have to use their listing tool and it will give you the fee at the end

I picked the $200 pricing plan and paid $150 after that March Madness discount code. I’ve had several inquiries on my listing.

This is still available.

Last guy couldn’t get approved so this is still available.

Brokers are advertising new ones without $4500 in MSD here for similar payments.

Lexus allows 9 and I think Benz up to 13 in the past

I’ve seen FWD base or premium for that payment, but not AWD with premium plus and drivers assistance.

With MSD you can get that payment easily, why would someone get a used one when they can get a new one.

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