[Lease Transfer] 2016 BMW 435i M Sport $398/mo - Oregon


Looking to transfer my 2016 435i M sport. It is white with black Dakota leather. Has m package, track handling package, and heated seats. The car has 29,400 miles and the lease matures on October 29, 2019 and is allowed 43,347 miles. You would have almost 14k miles to use in 7.5 months.

Payment is with BMW FS and would need transferee to qualify with them. Payment is $397.73 before taxes. I have 2800 in MSD that I would need to recoup. I can pay the $500 transfer

The car was tapped in a parking lot by someone reversing out. The bumper cover was replaced by KUNI BMW and the car has no issues or damage. I just want to be transparent


Should go quickly especially up here in the PNW where these deals are much harder to come by. Good luck!

I would think so. It’s a great deal for someone who needs a short term lease with lots of miles.

Interested! Lease is up on my Lexus IS 3/31. For the MSDs, would I reimburse you for those and then BMW “refunds” on turn in?

Yes. You would pay me the $2800 (we could do $2300 and you pay the transfer fee also) and then recoup those at lease end. Feel free to call me and we can work it out. Ill PM you my phone number. I’ve had interested parties but no one willing to make the call to bmw to start the process.

You make the call to bmwfs not the person taking over

Time to get this moved. Just got a tundra.

If I had the MSDs to give you and lived closer I would consider this deal! It’s awesome!

Still available? So, the front bumper is already repaired?

Yes. It’s all repaired. I’ve been on vacation but will be back Saturday. Where are you located?

Just sent you a message.