Lease Timing Dilemma

My Genesis G80 hack is coming to a close in August and it could not be at the most inopportune time. We have both the G80 and GV80 coming out right around the same time and from my experience new cosmetic changes mean no good lease numbers.
I really like the G80 but this is my second one and I need to change up the look. BMW has some really good deals right now but 5 series for me is just a little to small and the 7 is ideal but with no loyalty and access to some of the other incentives and promos I get priced out quick.
I’m in Texas and would jump in on the short game 24-month Tundra but let’s face it my neighbor will out truck me with his 2020 GMC Sierra Denali with the 6” lift and 33-inch tires (GM Employee).
It does not sound like I have ventured out into very many options but what it boils down too is trying to meet the level of comfort and luxury while still keeping a low lease payment. I guess stay tuned for the outcome.
Current Leases: Genesis G80 Ultimate 3.8L 1st payment due at signing $450 TTL included.
VW Tiguan SE 4motion pano $300 with w/ wear and tear included $0 down

Have you looked into a lease swap? You may be able to swap into a 7 series for a short term to buy the time you are looking for.

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Thanks I have been looking.