Lease Takeover - $266/month - 5 months Remaining - 2015 Ford Escape Titanium AWD 2.0

I’m listing for lease takeover my wife’s 2015 Ford Escape Titanium. It has just over 5 months remaining on the lease, which terminates on 6/29/17. The reason I am looking to flip it now is because I bought its replacement a bit early and while I planned to just pay it off and return it, it is a cheap enough lease that someone may be able to benefit.

Monthly payment is $266/month plus Tax – in Seattle, the payment is $293/month including tax. By the time we got this worked out, you’d likely have 4 payments left and then the disposition fee of, I believe, $200. Last payment would be in May, with the car being due back to Ford at the end of June at which time you’d pay the disposition fee. You will also need to register the vehicle in your name.

The lease allows for a total of 21,000 miles before the lease ends. Based on current mileage you could put 13,000 miles on the car before the end of June.

You would have the option to buy it at the end of the lease - the buyout is about $23,779 plus tax if you wanted to buy it out.

Here are details about the car:
2015 Ford Escape Titanium AWD
2.0L EcoBoost Engine (The larger available engine)
7700 miles
Tuxedo Black over Black Leather
Sony Stereo
Sirius Satellite Radio
Panoramic Sunroof
Front and Rear Park Assist
Rearview Camera
Heated Seats
Auto Climate Control
Roof rack
Bi-Xenon HID Headlamps
Power liftgate
Keyless Entry/Keyless Start
Remote Start

The vehicle is in great shape inside and out. There was some minor body work done to the right rear quarter panel (professionally repaired per lease requirements) after my wife had an incident with an inanimate object when the car was two weeks old.

It is under manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty until June 2018 or 36,000 miles.

To qualify to take over this lease you’ll fill out a credit application with Ford credit. If you’re approved with top tier credit (FICO Credit Score of 740+ typically), then we will proceed with the transfer paperwork. There is an application fee of $75 that I will reimburse you for upon successful approval. The lease will be put into your name and you would make payments directly to Ford. You would also be liable for any damage beyond normal wear and tear on the car.

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Thanks for post but for 4 months not sure if it will be worth the hassle from anyone. Good luck.

Thanks! I realize it is short term and I’m prepared to go through the early lease return process, but I figured it is cheap enough that it could be worthwhile enough for someone that I should offer it up.

You never know, someone might need/want a car (or an extra one) for just 4+ months. Can’t hurt to throw it out there.

I’m surprised the lease co is allowing a transfer this late. Usually <6 months = no

I was, too - its technically 5 months (lease term is June 30), and FMCC didn’t seem to have a problem when I spoke to them this week.

This kind of intel is really useful and would be great to store in some place. I just suggested the admins start a wiki on it. CC @littleviolette