Lease Takeover 2017 Lexus IS200t F Sport - $299+tax - SoCal - Orange County

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to transfer my lease, the car is in immaculate condition.

Location: Orange County, CA 92807
Car: 2017 Lexus IS 200t F Sport (leased brand new)
Exterior: Atomic Silver
Interior: Black
MSRP: $44,955.
Original Term: 36 months (lease start date: 3/15/2017)
Remaining months: 20.5 (lease end date: 3/14/2020)
Current Miles: ~15,600 (as of July 2nd)
Lease Allotment: 36,000 miles
Remaining Miles: ~20,400 (roughly 1020/month).
Leased through Lexus Financial Services

**Lease Terms: $351 +Tax

I am incentivizing it by $1040 + Transfer Fees, for you it would be

$0 upfront, $299 + Tax PM :slight_smile:

Reason for Transfer: International Relocation for work :frowning:

I need this off my hands quick, please let me know if interested. Thanks in advance!


something with ur numbers doesn’t make sense. I think only 20.5 months are left (or to be realistic since the lease transfer with toyota takes 1+ months, rather 19.5 months).

Yup that is correct. I included July 2018 for math to be easier on my end.
With 19.5 months in consideration Monthly becomes $297.67 +Tax :stuck_out_tongue:

That is what your posting says. You gotta upgrade your calculator :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeez… Typo :stuck_out_tongue: Haha Thanks for the catch!

are you carrying the transfer fees? if not you should add this to the upfront fees.

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Yup I will be carrying the transfer fees.

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hmm, i’m thinking about it … :wink: how soon can i have the car?

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I like this teamwork - good job guys on correcting the errors so quickly. Pretty good deal. Did you already prepare/request lease transfer papers- cause Lexus can get pretty slow on the process- (as do most transfers).

I just PM’d you. I’m sure we can work something out.


Thank you sir!
I will be putting in transfer request first thing tomorrow, That’s true I hear LFS is pretty slow (Def not when you lease it from the dealer :P)

Good post, good deal. :+1:

Good looking car, I’m sure it will go fast

Nice looking car, love that color with the F Sport wheels.
This should go quick

Good deal. This is how transfers should be posted.

Guys just my 2 cents, use overnight fedex if you guys have a corporate discounted account and then share the cost. I did a swapalease from a local on an IS200T and literally had the car in my driveway in 3 weeks. ( yeah thats pretty quick for LFS)

Wish this was a east coast offering… I would take sign today

Yup. Just got off call with LFS… the guy on call was very helpful, he said he did one transfer that got over in 3 weeks :astonished:… they are mailing me over the transfer packet, should have by end of the week.

I wish Everything would be done online via their portal… so much more efficient that way :unamused:

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Hi, is the car still available? I’m very interested in this deal.

Is the car still available?