Lease takeover - 2016 Lexus IS 200 f sport $290 / month - $1k incentive

Car is super clean and in impeccable condition. Fully loaded with navigation. Windows have been professionally tinted. Comes with roof racks if desired. Looking for someone to take over the lease through November 2019 (11 months). Payment is $290 / month. 3,750 miles left on lease and $.25 for each additional mile. Works out to be 341 miles per month. Will pay all related transfer fees. Just put on brand new Pirelli tires. Hand washed every week. All maintenance completed. Thanks for taking the time to read

! ![car%208|375x500] (upload://4GjyoWaI7QWEPJWPU8LYh3ZArL8.jpeg)

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341 miles per month isn’t a whole lot, nice car though.

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What’s your residual value?

residual value is 28k

$290/mo and $1k incentive effectively brings the payments down to $190/mo, which is normally good. Considering the mileage, this would be better for someone looking for a second car that they either don’t drive much or plan to buy after leasing.

I just made a decision on a lease, otherwise I’d definitely consider this because this could be a great deal for the right individual.

Good luck! Car looks well maintained/clean. Plus these things are tanks and never die :slight_smile:.

how do we get in touch? i have never used Leasehackr before

FYI this is not happening - the OP withdrew the offer but didn’t bother to post here.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is…shouldn’t have wasted my time contacting him.