Lease Takeover: 2015 Toyota Prius II - $225/mo

The lease term is for 36 months / 36K miles and ends in December 2017. The car has about 24,500 miles on it and the color is grey. The lease also includes Toyota Care and the Extended Care coverage so the maintenance costs are covered for the entire term. My monthly payment is $270 a month but I will provide a $500 cash incentive which if applied to the remaining lease payments ($270.20/mo x 11 months = $2972.20) will equal about $224.75 a month ($2972.20 - $500 = $2472.20 / 11 = $224.75). This is a 3rd vehicle that I no longer have use for.

I’m located in Southern California, PM me if interested.


Hi im interested, would like some more details!

Let me know what additional details you’d like.