Lease Takeover 2015 Nebula Gray Pearl GS 350 Fsport (Socal)

Looking to transfer out my lease for my 2015 GS 350 Fsport with Red interior. MSRP $54,450.
There are about 11,500 miles left for 16 months. about 720 miles/ month. Car current mileage @ 11,000.
The original monthly payment was $4500 down with $535 a month. I got a discount from the dealership and now I am paying $468.90 a month with CA Tax included.

10K service just done and still looks new. Garage kept only. Non-smoker, pet free and no damage or scratches on the car whatsoever. Came with premium fully loaded with Navi, keyless, red interior, etc.

I am only looking for lease take over only in Socal Area, NO DOWN NO MSD for incentives, just simply pay $200 for lease transfer fee to Lexus finance and take over my monthly $468.90 tax included monthly payment for this 55K MSRP Lexus GS350 Fsport. PM if you have any questions, would like to get this out of my hand by August. Reason just looking to lease other vehicles with lower monthly payment at the moment. Located in Chino Hills, CA. Socal area.

Is still available.?

@WolfZero Yes, I still have the Lexus.