Lease suggestions for Sports Car

Looking for a sports car lease, trying to stick at around $500/mo maybe up to $600/mo

Live in Texas, have considered Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400, and Challenger Hellcat but don’t know exactly what deals to expect being located in Texas

Full details on March incentives aren’t out yet, so it’s hard to say what can be achieved this month. February was tough to get anywhere on the Red Sport (both Q50 and Q60), but you’re probably going to be able to do better on the Q60 than the Hellcat.

Ah ok, should I just hang tight for a week or so?

Couple days probably…

Doesn’t get any sportier than this lol

Haha I can appreciate the plug, but you’re a little out of my budget

If you want a great sports car have a look at the Camaro. They drive superbly and I would expect some big incentives on them soon as they have too many. (I have seen some posts in the last few days on here about GM lease incentives)