Lease Return (Wheel Damage)

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Volvo lease ending in May. Two wheels have some curb rash. Should I have repaired before inspection or wait to see assessment? Part of my worry is if I have it inspected first, will they make me replace as new or do they allow for repairs even?

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Definitely just get the inspection first and see what they say.

Curb rash is very common and unless your wheel is just completely destroyed they’re not going to make you pay for a complete replacement.

Schedule inspection as far in advance as you can and then decide what to do. Repairs are not that expensive, depending on the severity obviously.

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Thank you. My worry was that Volvo would not allow a wheel repair.

I will have inspected first.

You need to return in the same condition as you got it. If it’s curb rush only, you should be able to repair, if needed. But there is also normal wear & tear that allows for some curb rush.

You might find the inspection charge LESS than the price to fix.
Or they might miss it during inspection.


Good point. I was quoted $175 a wheel already by a third party shop in NJ.

Inspectors see curb rash all the time, most of the time they’ll just ding you $50-$100 or whatever per wheel depending on the severity and move on, or in a lot of cases it will just be normal wear and tear as mentioned and you won’t get charged at all.

I had curb rash on 2 rims on my last Audi, thought for sure I would get dinged, nope was just normal wear and tear.


Probably cheaper to fix in Astoria or South Jamaica

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This is really helpful info everyone. Thanks.

Thank you to all who helped here. Inspection today and no excessive wear found. All under “normal” and estimated under $100.


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