Lease Return Repairs

Not sure if this is the right place to ask. I am looking for a repair shop recommendations in NYC, (preferably Brooklyn) that will inspect and repair all the damages which I may get dinged for when returning the vehicle.
I know i have curb rash on all 4 wheels and sizable scratches on my bumper.

Have your pre inspection done and then have the necessary repairs completed


To add to what @BoardWalkNJ said, the inspection is free, and you’ll only need to repair damage the inspection deems as “excessive.” Anything deemed “normal” does not need repaired.

If they charge you for either (and they probably will), compare what they will charge you to what it would cost for you to get it done. If you’re friendly with any dealer’s service or sales departments, ask them for a referral to their wheel repair guy and/or bumper paint guy. Hopefully you can get a price close to what a dealer pays for that stuff- usually $35-60/wheel and around $200-300/bumper.

Thanks guys. I will be scheduling pre inspection soon, but I know for sure I will be getting charged for those things. Just trying to estimate how much since guys at the dealer charge $200 to fix curb rash…per wheel

There’s guys that will do it for the $35-60 range I quoted you. If you’re in the SF bay area, I can hook you up.

But if the lender is only going to charge you $50/wheel, just pay it and forget the hassle.

He’s in the worst place for a leased car - Brooklyn, NY (it’s in his OP)

Word – Brooklyn is horrible — You need a tow hook to ward off bumper denters

The dealer wanted $200 per wheel so $800 for all 4.
I wasnt happy lol

Mobile guy, $125 a wheel, should be able to get him down, if he is doing all 4.

Mobile bumper / scratch repair, @ $250 a bumper, and approximately $60 a scratch.

If you have the time you can ask around and maybe find an auto detailer who can do the whole job for less.

You are probably a prime candidate for wear and tear insurance. :blush:


I am def getting that next time. Having to park on the street, in addition to pretty much no parking after 7 P.M my car is bound to get beat up

If you do get it next time, see if they have something that fixes things as you go, vs only covers damage at the end of the lease and only if you turn it in instead of trade it or resell it.