Lease return question: missing key fob and owner's manual (Lexus 2016 cth)

This forum has been a godsend for tips and advice, thank you all. I am returning my car around March 10th but don’t have my spare fob nor my owner’s manual (stolen from my dash when car was broken into).

I ordered a cheap unprogrammed key fob from eBay and plan on having it locally programmed which is much cheaper than Lexus. Do you think it possible to NOT have it programmed and hope Lexus doesn’t check? Is that ethical though?

Am I SOL for the owner’s manual? I can print out all 692 pages at work, but obviously that won’t be the same thing as the actual book lol



My 5 year old can answer is that’s ethical or not :rofl:

Do they seriously require the owners manual? I’d check the LFS lease end guidelines.


They do require it. Madness.

And I guess my ethics question was more about how they are a multinational corporation swimming in billions (valued 10.3b) and they charge FIVE HUNDRED EFFING DOLLARS for a key fob. Robin Hood was on to something ;|

Thanks for the reply, Chris.

try ebay for the manual, key fob is gonna have to be oem spec, idk how that aftermarket key will do, may pass or may not pass.

I can understand a key fob but a manual usually doesn’t leave the glovebox, use it and put it back. Were you studying it or did someone misplace it around the garage/house?

Seems like this might be common? The inspector verified that I had mine too when I returned my Q50.

In typical SF fashion, someone broke into my car and took everything in the glovebox including the manual :\

Yeah no real luck with eBay, cth too obscure I think.

I did find this, although it looks like someone just printed the whole thing out lol?

Doesn’t look legit to me.

As long as it looks like the right manual with the cover and everything, I doubt they would actually open it up and look at it

you can download it right from lexus

I bought 2016 mdx (Pile of crap)… if you wanted a owners manual you had to order it …was free though

I did not want to assume somebody stole your manual but yeah that sucks lol, I was thinking who even takes their manual out of the glovebox except maybe to program the garage door opener system, yeah love the city but definitely has its downsides, on the contrary I’m pumped for this spring with both the sharks and warriors primed for possible championships. What part of sf do you park in? mission district?

Spring will be cool man. I’m at Sutter and Leavenworth. What about you?

If I printed that thing out, in color, I wonder if that would suffice? lol

Bay Area, too, and someone stole the owners manual and window sticker out of my qx60. Lease is up in July so we’ll see what happens. Good luck to ya!

born in sf, lived in daly city and Danville, moved to the east coast back in '01. bay area is great to visit, expensive to live in and traffic sucks. We try to catch a few 49ers/giants/sharks/warriors games a couple of times a year when we visit, still got a good amount of family up there.

Yes most luxury brands will charge you if the owners manual and key fob are missing.

I barely even remember what the manual looks like, does anyone think this looks legit and would pass turn-in inspection?

should fly, looks like the real thing

how much would they charge you if you don’t have it?

$100. Madness.