Lease Return - Pay what's left, Return early?

I have a Buick lease which ends early next year. The driven miles on car is almost there. I can pay upfront what is left to pay. Instead of keeping car undriven, can I return it early? Do not want to pay for overage miles and would be nice to just return it early instead of keeping it until end of lease term.

Yes -at least I know for BMW and VW You can - had friends in similar circumstances- as long as it is paid you can return early, do the hand over inspection etc and get that all sorted.

Best just call the the leasing company and ask - no harm in asking to be sure.

Assuming there is no equity and you don’t want to buy it?

If you are overrunning mileage that badly - consider buying in future? It seems leasing isn’t appropriate for your usage profile.

Yeah, this is best a question for the leasing company to answer and can vary from brand to brand or wherever you got your loan from.

If it is a US Bank lease check the terms on early return, they do charge a penalty that does decline for early returns. If it is GM I don’t believe you would have any issues. As AMM said, just call the leasing company to find our for sure.

Thank you all for the info!
I make my payments to GM Financial. Guess, I’ll reach out to them and ask.
Got the low mileage lease on this. Next time, I’ll have to do 15K lease.

Depending on your current payment, you could probably get into a Chevy this month if any of them interest you, and wipe out the remaining payments with rebate cash. Granted, that will make your cap cost a bit higher, so you won’t score one of these monster deals on the site, but it’s an option nonetheless. The dealer would ground your existing car and either buy from GMF, or send to auction, closing out your lease.

Until April 3rd. GM Financial is running a promo. Turn in your lease for another GM (Chevy is your best bet as of now) and they will waive $500 in mileage overage, $500 in excess wear and tear and upto $595 in disposition fee. You will still be liable for the remaining payments so keep that in mind and keep the excess mileage in mind. Look at your own situation but it may be best to trade-in for a chevy equinox/cruise by the end of the month.

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Hi there, I’m new to the forum and have been poking around threads looking for advice for returning our car once its lease is up. Thanks in advance for any help!

We’ve got a 2014 Prius V and it has a few scrapes, dings, and dents, so we’re worried about excessive damage fees. Other than that, we’re under the allotted milage and it’s in good condition.

We’re not in the market for a new lease, so we just want to get rid of the car and not pay anything if it all possible. I saw a user post about selling it to a different (any) dealership than the lessor, does that make the most sense? We took it to Carmax and got an offer of $15K. The purchase option price is $16,050.

Again, any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You should get the car inspected for lease turn in and see what they mark off as stuff that will be charged. Then you know where you sit with the turn in.

And the best/only way to do that is through AutoVin, right?

No just call your local Toyota dealer and have them do it.

Inspection scheduled!

Also, do you have any Carmax competitors in your area? Someone else may offer closer to your payoff number, especially if they don’t have many of that vehicle on their lot right now.

I’m not sure, I’m in Los Angeles so I bet YES. Which companies do you recommend?

I’m on the other coast so don’t know of any local to SoCal. One good place to start is a Toyota dealer and also do a KBB “make me an offer” and see what comes up locally for you:

That only came up with $13,300.