Lease return Infiniti and lease a new Infiniti


I have returned my 2015 Q50 yesterday to a dealer and leased a new 2018 Q50. They agreed to pay the remaining 4 payments of 284 and told me I dont need to be worried about anything else with the car. The dealership in general was very unprofessional, I was sent from finance to the sales man back to finance back to sales man until finally the general manager came and showed to the finance manager how to print the receipt for the lease return. My car was in general great condition, except of a smaller scratch on the lower bumper the only thing what still concerns me are the tires, which are pretty much worn down. The sales man told me we are all good and if there are any issues I should call him but meanwhile I am skeptical that Infiniti will send me a bill for the wear and tear. Has anyone experienced anything in this regard with Infiniti or any other company? The whole reason I went back to buy another Infiniti is not to deal with this whole hassle, would be a big mistake if they would mess around, especially when the dealership gives me their word.

You are at the mercy of the inspector when turning a car in before doing the lease end pre-inspection yourself. If you were concerned about the tires, why didn’t you replace them before turning the car in or at least inquire?

Nissan provides a buffer of 500 bucks in excessive damage fees when leasing another Nissan. I’m almost positive Infiniti does as well. That will help offset the cost.

If the dealer purchases the car instead of sending it to auction will make any damage claims moot, as they took ownership, and it’s no longer tied to IFS.

Long story short, you should ALWAYS get the pre-inspection done before turning in a lease unless the dealership is buying the car. I realize things like this happen, where you do a pull-ahead instead, however, there is risk there in doing so.

In addition to above, if you do get a bill, call them and tell them that the dealer had specifically told you it has passed their inspection and not to worry about anything.
I recently traded in my TLX to Acura and got a MDX, For Acura, regular excess damage waiver is $750 and it gets doubled if you lease another Acura to $1500. I am sure, Infiniti has a higher limit than the $500 nissan limit.
I also helped a coworker on a BMW 740 turn in who received a $900 bill from BMW even after leasing an X5. It took a week between corporate, the dealer an myself, but in return, they waived a little above $900 bucks.

That’s heresay, and in no way a guarantee without something in writing. It might work, it might not. You can’t assume it will, however.

Well OP has already returned his car as per post and he only got their word. He is looking for options after already returning.

Correct, and that is an option you provided. That still doesn’t make it a guarantee it will work. A dealer and its salespeople will tell you whatever you need to hear to get you into a new car. It’s in the contract that excessive fees/damages are the responsibility of the lessee. Tires would fall under that umbrella. Maybe he’ll luck out…maybe not.

IFS doesn’t rely on dealers to do inspections. They sub it out to a 3rd party. That’s the only opinion that really matters, not that of the dealer

Thanks, this is what I am planing to do in case they send me any bills. They would be totally out of their mind if they would mess around just for some tires, which costs them as car manufacturer practically peanuts vs. pissing off a customer who relied on the word of their dealership and leased a new car from them. Again the main reason I went back to Infiniti was because I have calculated the savings on tires into the deal.

Take a look at your old paperwork to have an idea of what waiver limits are ? also if its gets doubled if your leasing a new vehicle from them. If cant find their called IFS and just ask as general questions. They should be able to give you an idea.

Their waiver is 500 when you lease a new car from them.

I’m surprised that the dealership even accepted the vehicle without you having a third party end-of-lease inspection performed first. The dealership is more or less just a drop off point for your lease. You just want to make sure that you are on good terms with IFS.

You will receive a credit for damage when leasing a new infiniti but that credit is coming from IFS, not the dealership itself.

I didn’t have to get any inspection done either with Acura. Im guessing when your trading a vehicle, dealer just does a brief walk through to make sure. The same was the case with the BMW for my coworker.

You really should have gotten something in writing. At the least an email from the Manager sent to you saying you are not responsible for any more money on the old lease. I really do hope all is good, the last course of action you have is the survey from Infiniti. Do not fill it out until you have proof of what you do or do not owe.

You have a low payment and most of put down a lot of money for your old lease. Your buy out must of been low, plus they most likely would get the buyout even less…,they most likely purchased your car out to resell as certified used for more money

Infiniti explicitly mentions having to have an end-of-lease inspection performed before returning your lease through AIM.

Might not be the case for other brands, however.

Wow. I wonder why they didnt have a FAQ for getting in to a new lease back with Infiniti. From their page, they seem more focused towards making you buy out your vehicle,

If the dealer doesn’t buy the car, THEY will schedule the inspection. At that point, the lessee is responsible for any excessive damages, and has no chance to have said damages repaired before returning the car.

This is why it’s important to get the inspection done BEFORE going to the dealership to drop off/lease new. The dealer WILL take the car, and WILL schedule the inspection before the car is shipped to auction (if they don’t buy it to sell on their lot) if you, as the lessee did not complete it.

I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. The steps involved are clearly listed, including return of vehicle and “replace your lease with a new Infiniti lease or purchase and take advantage of Loyalty offers”.

The very first FAQ notes the required inspection.

Yes you did. You didn’t however, and the dealer either bought your car, or had it scheduled for you. You ultimately had no excessive damage, and therefore didn’t receive a bill.

“Even if you return your vehicle and lease a new Acura, you will still need to schedule a free vehicle inspection during the last two months of your lease.”

Ah ok. I was actually referring to the link which needacar123 had shared. there was no infor there.

fair enough. The link he provided was a general outline. The link I provided came directly from IFS.