Lease return for VW Tiguan with body damage

I have a VW Tiguan due for end of lease in 3 months with some body damage. I scraped the panel on the back right side of the car which would probably need a paint job. In this case, would it make sense for me to get it repaired before getting the inspection or get the inspection first and repair after?

Thank you.

Always get the inspection first so that you can properly evaluate if it costs less to fix it or leave it.


Got it. One question I had though was that after the inspection, do I need to get it repaired at a body shop that is approved by VW? The website says “You have the option of completing repairs at an authorized body shop” which makes me wonder if getting the inspection would prevent me from getting a paint job done at a cheaper cost.

No, you don’t need their approval. You can use any licensed shop.

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I believe they mean versus going to Scooter’s garage behind his house.
They probably want receipts or proof if it is done wrong.

Try bumper repair. If it’s just paint, they can come to your house and do it for a $200-$500 depending on the size and location of the scrape.

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I would at least price the repair before the inspection so you have something to compare it to. I have never returned a car without repairing the chargeable items first. Usually a touch up paint kit, and some patience are all that is needed. How bad is the damage?

I once had well over $4k in body damage (massive scrape, exposed metal) over a wheel well against a concrete pole on a Q50. Got the inspection - was charged $630 and change.

Got it thanks this is helpful to know!

Wow okay definitely getting the inspection first then. Thanks!

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