Lease return for 2021 Audi Q7

I am 9 months into my 36 month lease for my Q7 55 Premium and I really don’t like the car and want to get out and back to a Volvo XC90. Q7 is in tip-top shape still and within my 10k/year mile allotment. Inventory seems low for Q7s around me (10538 zip), so I took it to local Audi dealer to see if they would take the lease back. They offered to take it on the spot waiving any fees, and asked whether I would sign today. Since I have no car to go into I couldn’t, but it made me think, do dealers ever pay you to take a lease back when there is demand and they have no supply? And do current market conditions warrant this?

Original MSRP was $66k. My current buyout quote from Audi is $58.9k but I assume the dealer can get it for less by taking the lease back and will likely sell above $60k? Ideally I would like to eke out some equity here and apply it towards my next Volvo lease. I can also just buy it out and then try to resell, but I don’t think I will get much more than $58.9k.

Thoughts? TIA!

Can’t imagine XC90 being a better SUV than Q7. Especially for the money you’ll have to pay for it now.

Beg to differ; matter of personal preference? I got into Q7 after returning my XC90 and have regretted it ever since. :frowning:

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Just shop it to multiple Audi and VW dealers, maybe even Porsche.

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What don’t you like about your Q7? Asking because its in my shortlist.

XC90 is nice, comfortable and problem free. That’s about it. Pretty sure Q7 drives better.

I liked volvo seats over audi but personal opinion.

Volvo does a much, much better job with the semi-autonomous driving features than audi

There is so much I don’t know about XC90 lol

Use the Equityhackr through this site! We’re walking away from our Q7 after 6 months with almost $5k. They have a network of dealers and will find an Audi dealer to buy it. Not done with the process yet but so far its been great.

Oh great–thanks for the heads up! Wasn’t sure about going that route but will definitely try it now!!

Where to begin?
– I got it for the bluetooth carplay primarily, but it is super buggy. Carplay connects when it feels like, sometimes a minute after starting the car, or five minutes later. Also, sometimes the screen completely blacks out–i have had this happen several times during drives with navigation running. There is no way to reset the carplay/display unless you stop the car, turn off the engine, and restart it. Can’t very well do that when you’re on the highway. Taken it to the dealer and they couldn’t “replicate the problem.”
– Audi navigation also has blacked out during drives, and has lost all my preset destinations occasionally.
– Driving assist is very dysfunctional and frequently tries to drive me off the road.
– All the sensors for assisting with parking are way over sensitive and as a result I just turn them off! Frequently will beep when I am stopped at a light for no discernible reason with no traffic moving around me.
– Good power (I have 3.0) but very poor/sluggish pick up at medium speeds (20-30mph) when trying to accelerate.

Overall, it is a beautiful beautiful car, but given how expensive it is, I don’t feel like it should be so problem-prone! Oh, and don’t even get me started on their online stuff for viewing your My Audi and financial services accounts. Talking to my friends who have Audis all acknowledge aspects of the various problems I have (with carplay, overactive sensors, etc.) so I honestly don’t understand why they are so popular!!!

Wow, i didn’t know q7 have so many issues .

I had a 2018 Q7 with the old supercharged v6, and I also had a 2018 sq5 with the turbo v6 that made its way to the newer Q7.

I much preferred the supercharged engine.

I can relate. I have a '21 A6 P+. I am used to it, TBH. I’ve had no other major issues. I don’t use Carplay and Bluetooth seems to work fine. Navigation is also fine.

Well, you can disable it. I hear what you’re saying, though. Lane assist can be sensitive, but I am used to it.

What were the terms of your original deal?

+1. Not sure what’s going on lately with AFS.

I am on my second Audi, btw. Leased an A4 3 years ago. I am mostly happy with my A6. I have the 55 P+, so no issues with power.

Good luck.

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