Lease recommendation for basic sedan

I’m trying to help a friend lease a new (non-luxury) sedan in the NYC area. There’s no specific preference, it just can’t be all-electric. So I’m looking into the usual consumer brands like Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, etc. on Edmunds. Is there any recommendation on what sedans lease well right now?

Nothing leases well right now except maybe the wrangler 4xe

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That’s the general impression I got from reading through some recent deals. I guess can’t expect too much off MSRP?

The word WELL is so subjective you are going to get answers all over the place. Though the 4xe is pretty hot right now.

Define ‘well’ better.

My suggestion would be to find some brokers on here that deal in multiple brands in NY and just browse their sheets. There are a few and it would give you an idea of brand/trim/costs.


“Well” would be some combination of low money factor (0.000…) + good residual, and I guess enough supply (low demand), which would allow to go below MSRP.

Agreed. Maybe an S60 demo?

@Jrouleau426 for a toyota.

Considering Volvo is only letting dealers press S60s into loaner use this isn’t the worst possible thing, '22s hopefully will be arriving in the next few weeks.

Maybe a Nissan, I heard that they aren’t selling as well as the others.
but low MF? A Toyota,
below MSRP? Maybe a Nissan.

S60 demo is a great car to have if you can find a dealer that is not selling their demos at new car pricing.

More than basic plus a great deal in the current environment

Otherwise just finance a Corolla.

Mazda3 seems to be leasing fine. Also the lease structure is fairly simple to navigate. I think I saw some tri-state Mazda brokers in market place try search if you can find something you like

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After some research I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

2021 Hyundai - Elantra or Kona (only because of AWD)
2021 Honda - Civic or HR-V (only because of AWD)

Any opinions on these? I feel like the subcompact SUVs might be a waste of time but only they have AWD which would be relevant in NY winters.

My personal pick would be the Elantra (caveat, I have a '21 Sonata hybrid which I surprisingly love, so i’m biased)

I don’t think the Kona or HR-V will really have the kind of AWD systems that will really make much of a difference - it’s all about the tire choice anyway

Go with your friend to take some test drives and see which ones feel the best?

A 2021 Civic would be worth a look. The 2022 is a redesign/refresh is hitting lots so the 2021’s may be one of the few vehicles not warranting a huge premium right now. I have not shopped for one but locally I have seen ads for 209/month + T&F’s at signing. I owned a Civic about 8 years ago and with snow tires it did great through the winter so unless the space is required I don’t think a CUV or SUV is worth the $$ premium right now.

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Let’s be real, you don’t really need to get a CUV over a better-value sedan just because it has AWD.

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