Lease rebates incentives from OEMs

Hi Experienced Hackers,

  1. Does GM do the most aggressive incentives in March every years. I picked one in 2017 March and missed the boat in 2018 and now when I look back April and May don’t have the incentives like March did. Are there any other months of the year historically when we can get very aggressive incentives that can be applied to leases?

  2. Besides GM, are there really any other manufacturers that dole out aggressive incentives on 25-35k msrp cars?

Thank you in advance for your insights

it’s never set in stone when the incentives are best, just depends on what the manufacturer does, and don’t try chasing it, there will always be a better deal than what you got

The March thing for GM has only been relevant the last 2 years, I believe. There’s no guarantee it will come back in March of 19

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Are there other manufacturers that anyone has experienced with incentives that translate to almost 20%

What are trying accomplish, highest discount, lowest payment, favorite color

I currently lease a Chevy Cruze premier for $1,800 one pay lease for 2 yrs for 12k miles/ yr. I picked that last year but my usage has increases hence looking to find another similar priced deal before I run out of my 24k miles

$1800 for 2 years One Pay.?!..


What is that effectively like $37/month?

I think the best thing to do is just watch the deals every month and look back and see what was considered a good deal in the past. When something comes along and you think it’s a good deal you can jump on it. Good luck finding that deal again though.

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Yes, we find that the early bird gets the worm, people who wait are often left out (GM after March, Volvo s90 after April, etc.)

No, $75/ month but yes a great deal, decent car with good interiors, heated leather seats and steering, CarPlay- my most desired interior options. I was extremely pleased, but I hv been having a hard time repeating the feat!