Lease paid off, but six weeks left

I somehow already paid my lease off that doesn’t end until June 6th. I’m looking at leasing a new car. If I do that, is there anything I can do with my current car so that I’m not just giving up money I’ve already paid?

With taxes, buying it out is probably close to a wash.

you basically just prepaid your last payment. You owe it anyway so there’s no real issue here. Now if you did a pull ahead program (if it was available) with the same brand and take out another lease they’d probably apply that payment to the new car.

Does audi offer that?

I won’t bank on that happening (or would take a lot of follow up)

I don’t think they will do a pull ahead if the payment was already made.

I’m in a similar situation, I did a one pay and have 6 weeks left. My question is: If I turn the car in and wait a couple weeks before leasing something else do I still qualify for conquest deals? I’ll be traveling a lot in June and thought about just using my wife’s car for the little bit I’m around and getting something towards the end of the month or 4th of July sales. I had a 30 month lease so I would be in the middle of a registration if that matters. Anyone know the answer?