Lease out of state?

Live in Seattle, but the lease here is awful. See some great deals in Cal and Portland. Is it possible to get leasing out of state?

Any info and suggestions are appreciated!

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Fly here and drive up

Funny, I was about to do something similar - fly to Las Vegas for a truck that the dealership has more in stock than all of the dealers combined in So Cal.

Make all negotiations before you book a flight.
Sign the docs and payment via overnight courier.
Have them pick you up at the airport in the vehicle you bought.
Drive it home.

you would only get rebates that are available in your ZIP code and you have to pay taxes according to your ZIP code. This would adjust the payments you see other people getting unless you register the car elsewhere.

I was working a deal for a broker for one of his customers in Arkansas and they ended up losing $4,000 in rebates compared to a Houston ZIP

How do you think people who live in small states or close to the border do it? Of course you can pretty much lease anywhere you want as long as you are there in person and register the car where it has a legitimate reason.

I live in MA and leased a couple of cars from NH dealers…

Leases can definitely be done state to state. Happens all the time in NY/NJ.

I just got a lease from MD

Thank you for pointing out the hidden risk!

Thank you all for the helpful suggestions!

Did you have to register car with NH, then MA? Because I’m trying to do the same here. I’m in CA and I’m thinking about leasing a car for my folks ( out of state ). I’m told by dealership that I have to register the car in California, then wherever I move the car to, I will need to register the car with that state AGAIN. More registration plus shipping. Hmm…that deal just becomes less of a deal.