Lease or Finance

I know this is a leasing forum, but are there any opinions on when it makes sense to finance v lease?

I’m looking at working a deal similar to this

But a similar deal for financing is only about $90 more per month (good sized down payment). APR of 1.99%.


That usually means lease. But you need to do the math on both options.

We have tons of these threads, please search.

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And don’t forget the warranty if you’re buying a $56k Audi

@jeisensc Or BMW, Mercedes for that matter.

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If you are looking at the payment diff and not thinking about the depreciation and maintenance of a German luxury car, BLESS YOU HEART sometimes we all need to make our own mistakes.

For sure I’ve considered it. I can’t imagine owning it out of warranty without some sort of extended coverage. Depreciation protection is probably the bigger reason to lease in my mind. I like to mod my cars a bit; that doesn’t seem to mix well with leasing.

Did you know you could get a lower monthly payment by making an even a larger down payment? Finance companies hate this little trick.

Of course. I might. It partly depends on the delta between what I owe and what I can sell/trade my current car for.

I was being facetious, because it seems like you’re think financing something with a large downpayment somehow relevant to leasing.

Sorry - the sarcasm went right over my head. It’s been a long day.

You’re correct though, it’s not relevant other than to reduce the amount financed. It’s been suggested to me that a better use of that money is to put it towards MSD, and bank the rest.

A general rule I learned on BBSs in the 80s and early 90s I brought to the Internet: when in doubt, assume sarcasm and/or the poster knows (substantially) what they are talking about. :man_shrugging:t2:

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