Lease or buy? 2023 BMX X3 M40i

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Located in upper NY and interested in getting the 2023 bmw x3 m40i. Have reviewed the leasing deals around the marketplace which generally falls into $750/month 36m and 10000 miles per year. Just curious is it better to finance and resell the car or to lease with current situations. The overall estimate for leasing 3 years is around 28k while the KBB estimates a used 2020 x3 m40i around 45k(about 20k less than the msrp). Because the bmw gives m40i a 3-year residual 56% which makes leasing it cost a lot than normal 60% depreciated cars. But I also heard the advice that never but only lease on bmws. Any advice or comments would be helpful! Thanks!

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I think the resale value of BMWs are a tad less than Benz.
But the difference wont that significant, if a good discount is achieved at the time of purchasing.

This has also been the my dilemma. Buying a used BMW for that X3 M40 in my area is around 50-55k. At that point id rather lease a new car. As you mentioned, I have also heard not buy used BMW but lease them. Curious to know forum thinks

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I’m just curious as to where you’re seeing $750 a month for an X3 M40i?

This is for a base-ish build and before tax:

BMW has Feb discounts about 6% on x3 and I am pretty sure I saw multiple lease deals on m40i starts at 750+ here around Forum. And of course they are base trim and pre tax. Since now the leasing price has gone upper, it makes more senses to ask whether should it be financed or leased

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The average discount on an M40i is 4%. There’s a big difference in inventory between 30is and M40is. On the hypothetical $65,000 M40i, you’d need 9% to get to $755 before tax, so I just wanted to make sure you weren’t expecting a $750 payment on one.

It’s not just a matter of payment to think about financing vs. leasing. You have to consider the total cost of ownership plus the risk of things like diminution of value.


Yeah, that is what I am trying to figure out. Thanks for the reminder btw

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I was just quoted for a $68,355 x3 m40i 36 month lease 18,000 miles with $1800 due at signing a price of $1271-1280