Lease on Tesla Model S to get EV $7500 tax credit

Does anyone know of a lease to get the EV $7500 tax credit on a Tesla Model S?

Tesla does not directly pass on the tax credit as a cap cost reduction on any of their vehicles

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But maybe a third party bank would?

I havent heard of any 3rd party banks doing tesla leases

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Ok, it’s too bad. Tesla should do it to take advantage of it. Maybe in the future for the S and X?

There is no msrp limit

Im sure theyre thoroughly enjoying taking advantage of the tax credit

To be clear. Tesla is getting the credit. They are just not passing it on.

Even that isnt totally clear. They may be using it to prop up rvs, lower mfs, or peanut butter spread it into lower msrps. They definitely arent directly passing it on as a cap cost reduction though.

Has their RV even changed? The MF isn’t subvented either.

Yes, this is probably correct.

They did just lower the base price for the S to $85,000, and that’s why I am considering it.

Exactly… shouldnt they have with all the price cuts? If they didnt change, that would suggest theyre being manipulated.

Unfortunately its all a black hole with no visibility to how it may or may not be applied.

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I do not qualify for the $7,500 EV tax credit. I am looking for an auto lease company that would apply the $7,500 tax credit to the lease for a Tesla or Cadillac Lyriq. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

This would be up to the bank funding the lease and not any leasing company. In the case of the model Y I don’t think Tesla is passing it on in any form right now. Not sure about the Lyriq.

look at other manufacturers

Look at the VW ID.4. You could score a solid deal and then convert the lease to a purchase while VW passes the $7500 credit through.

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