Lease on a new 2017 Audi A4 loaded Prestige Quattro

I got a lease offer on a new 2017 Audi A4 Prestige model (factory order, since they didn’t have one in entire NA market with the exact specs)

Selling Price : 55,450 $ (2% off MSRP)
Down Payment : 5000 $
Total drive off price: 7300 $ (including first month, fees and tax)
Mileage limit : 15K/year
Lease term : 24 month

The delearship quoted me a monthly payment of 850$ before tax. I don’t have any idea of how this car depreciates in 2 years nor the money factor in order to know if this is a good deal. Could someone shed some light on this deal?

This is a terrible deal. After taxes and considering the $5k down payment, your effective payment is way over $1k/month. Might as well lease the Maybach.

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You don’t have to know the MF to know that:

2% off MSRP is ridiculous, and
7300 upfront + 850/month will get a ton more car than a frogging A4!

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Do not take this deal at any cost. It is close to 2% of MSRP per month (with 0 down) which is terrible. The deal would be acceptable at less than 500 per month with 0 down.

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They are trying to force you into a car they have already rather than a special order. The deal is BS, and anyway, let them order it in and negotiate the lease when it comes in, no? Not sure if there is a non refundable deposit though to place the order(?)