Lease on a Honda Accord touring 2.0

Hello,new here so cut me a little slack .

How realistic am I being looking for a lease for a Honda Accord touring 2.0 for a total monthly payment of $300.00 monthly or less and $1500 or less down total out of pocket?

Not at all realistic. Accords lease poorly. You’d struggle to get a base LX at that price.

Actually the base LX is leasing for $249.00 in NY ,not sure of the specifics and Honda dealers just today got dealer incentive cash of $1000 on every accord except the Touring…

Hi newby here ,how realistic am I being looking for a 2018 Honda accord touring 2.0t at $300 a month 12,000 to 15,000 a year 36-39 months at $1500 total out of pocket at the lease signing.

Any and all advice , suggestions and alternatives greatly accepted and appreciated.

I live NYC and will travel for the best deal.

No need to start duplicate threads

It’s been answered already. Simply not realistic and not going to happen.

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I am looking for the same actually. 2019 Accord Touring 2.0T but under $400 a month. Preferably under $360 a month. Below is a deal I got from one dealership. Any feedback on how good it is relative to others or market?

MSRP -$36,870
Selling Price - $34,974
$487/month with $3,335 due at signing
36 months/12k miles
Money Factor - .00118
Residual Factor - 54%

There’s your problem…you need to contact every dealer within driving distance. You should be at 12% off, 15 if you get extremely lucky.

With the MF being well above Honda Finance APR and no lease incentives, this vehicle is squarely in the ‘better to buy’ category IMO.

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I don’t follow Hondas very closely, but a search shows one example from just a few days ago:

Your offer looks pretty bad, esp when you factor in the amount DAS.

You can lease a BMW 530i or 530e for that kinda payment. And not pay anything for maintenance over next three years. Just saying.

Yeah like everyone said accords lease bad if you wouldn’t mind switching to Toyota I think you can get a much better deal on the Camry by contacting jrouloue sorry if I butchered his username but he is in the market place section, I contacted him a while back and he gave me a very reasonable quote for a 2019 Camry XSE

However your going to probably be at EX max if you could get a deal with those payments, not realistic on a touring

I was thinking of getting an accord touring earlier but the payments were ludicrous so went with bmw instead

Yikesssssss… ouch that’s just a bad bad lease number

What’s the quote you are getting on the XSE? If you could get that car in the 4cyl without any money down or out of pocket for low 300s you scored very well.

I was thinking of getting it went with bmw instead but I don’t remember on the top of my head contact @Jrouleau426 he is very good

I was quoted $438 for the 2.0T Sport with 12k miles and $448 with 15k miles. Hard pass on that for a 32k car. I’m in central NJ.

Yeah the accord is leasing terribly, I got my 2016 ex for 215 p/mo 1000 DAS but that was in 2016, just signed 2 bmws each for around 270 a month 0 DAS lol

I looked hard at the 2.0T 6MT Sport last year until it was around $400 a month.

a MF that equates to over a 4% APR is the real culprit on why these Accords are leasing so bad. Its not the residual or lack of cash…

yeah, no thanks. The XSE is expensive too (I looked). The sweet spot (for leasing) the Camry is the SE (if you can live with 18"ers and single side exhuast) vs 19"ers and quad exhausts.

Regardless, much better cars out there to lease. Look at the 4 series, which are selling like hotcakes right now.

BMW 4-Series deals are useless without loyalty.

In this segment the best deal I’ve seen recently is the Sonata that someone posted in NJ.

If this site had auto-moderation any thread that combined the keywords Honda and Touring would be locked automatically because they are always atrocious (except for that one guy who always chimes in about his magical deal that always seems to vary somehow)

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That’s def true…$2500 loyalty cash helps. Puts it into unicorn territory with an additional $1k for grad or OL…

Sonata is outgoing model which is why it’s being discounted. All new 2020 model is coming this fall FYI …saw someone post sub $200 monthly on a 2019 recently.

There should be a slight change to the Accord this fall too. Generally Honda likes to introduce a “mid model change” on year 3 of their accords. It’s generally a mild change, taillights, headlights etc . I’m guessing if you go on driveaccord those guys would know more…