Lease on 2018 Lexus is300 good enough?

My first lease deal, I wana know if this is good or if I have enough wiggle room to keep pushing for lower numbers. Thank you guys for the help.

Forgot to mention. 10,000 year 36 months

did you put 4k down?

Don’t put the cash down, roll everything in. It’s about $470ish without the cash, doesn’t seem that great to me.

WTF are Data Dots?

20 char

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There have been several IS300 threads recently, so you should use that info to gauge your deal. First thing is that your discount can be higher. Is this a sign and drive deal? I’m not understanding why the rebates/incentives amount doesn’t match the due at signing amount.

Sounds like etch 2020

No the deal is still in the works. The 4700 down is what is stoping me

Supposedly dots throughout the car that can be used if car is lost or stolen. And the dots are only seen with a Microscope. Had to ask too

Not sure what a sign and drive deal is sorry, but that was never mentioned.

I just re-read your worksheet. It’s asking for $4700 from you on top of the $4750 in rebates. It’s highly advised to not pay much upfront for leases, especially when the MF is low.

That’s way too much to put down on a lease. And I would ask for more explanation on those itemized fees. Are the “dots” really necessary?

So what would be a reasonable down payment and monthly payment to stick to when negotiating so I won’t get screwed ? What do you recommend?

So roll some of the down payment into the monthly?

I would recommend nothing due at signing except for 3 MSDs. Negotiate sales price, not monthly payments. Shoot for 13-14% off MSRP before incentives.


ditch the data dots lol

the deal would be pretty good if you had $0 due at signing. Definitely not with $4k

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When I brought up MSD the manager told me my MF was already low and it wouldn’t do anything. Is he bullshiting me?

How many other dealers have you talked to?

I’ve called all the dealers in my state of AZ. One denied to match, one gave me a monthly of 345 but not the color I wanted. The last 2 dealers gave the same offer as above

I could be color blind for a $100 a month